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I don’t mean to cuss …. but holy *&^% my girl’s a goddess! I’m speechless, Dana, simply speechless.


Dana’s talent is evident and it was such fun working with her! She truly captured a side of my daughter that I don’t get to see everyday. Happy to recommend Dana to anyone looking for a quality photo experience!


OMG! Not just beautiful, she is absolutely “ethereally magical” in these pictures! It makes me want to look behind the picture to see if there’s a unicorn lurking nearby. I love them! Thank you so much Dana, you are spectacular!


Holy. Crap. That. Is. All.

Her Dad

The pictures you took of my son are some of the most adorable, well taken pictures I have ever seen. Your work belongs in magazines and should be recognized around the country!


“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my photos by Dana! She was able to capture precious pictures of my 3 kids, which is no easy feat…I’ve tried. HIGHLY recommend having Dana take your picture – for any occasion!”


Dana is not a miracle worker because I know how beautiful my daughter is, but she is extraordinary at accentuating the beauty that is already there. Highly recommend!


Kinda feel bad for being so in love with pictures of myself 🙂


You are an angel with a camera, Dana.


You are such a wonderful photographer! I absolutely love my pictures, even if we did struggle a little. 🙂 I would have never continued in my modeling career if I didn’t have such an awesome start with you! You were most definitely my big starting place!


“Bless Dana and her wonderful talent for photography. I have been blessed since day one of our friendship! She has taken my publicity shots for my blog and was the photographer for my cookbook. She made me and my food look more amazing than reality and I thank her for that!  If you need a photographer in any capacity, her talent and vision is exactly what you’re looking for. I love you, girl!”


Dana, thank you! Her pictures are beyond anything I could have ever imagine! They. Are. Beautiful. You are so stupidly, insanely, crazy talented.


Dana, you are seriously one of the most talented women I know. Please never give this up.


I’m freaking out about how grown up he looks in these pictures! Ahhh… he’s so handsome and Dana, you’re oh so amazing!


YOU ARE OUTSTANDING!!!! You just made my year.


Dana, you have such a special gift – so much so that you could capture the beauty of someone in an outhouse! Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. You’re far too good to quit.


Oh my, Dana. I’m going to cry! LOVE THEM!!!! I’m so happy right now and he thinks they’re awesome too!


Wow! I’m speechless (and a little emotional)!


Omgosh!!!! Now that I have quit crying, I can tell you how much I love them! I LOOOOOOVE THEM and they’re the best pictures I have ever seen.


How big can I order my picture? Ha! They make me laugh, cry and everything in between. Sheer perfection!


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Hi, I'm Dana :)

AKA, Miss Vaalin. I’m the Photographer and Designer for Vaalin Studio, a creative venture that began in 2007 as a result of The  Chosen Life, an unexpected wilderness journey framed by tragedy yet strengthened by the reckless love of a faithful God and His angels on earth.

I’m also a die-hard Unassisted Birth Advocate (you can read my story here), founder of the Noncustodial Project, and an Author; graciously addicted to my four handsome warrior men, the endless starry road, and a messy homeschool life.

If you’d like to talk or have any questions about photography, design or life in general, please email me at dana at vaalinstudio dot com. I look forward to our new friendship.