Client Rave: Rebecca

//Client Rave: Rebecca
Hi, I'm Dana :)

AKA, Miss Vaalin. I’m the Photographer and Designer for Vaalin Studio, a creative venture that began in 2007 as a result of The  Chosen Life, an unexpected wilderness journey framed by tragedy yet strengthened by the reckless love of a faithful God and His angels on earth.

I’m also a die-hard Unassisted Birth Advocate (you can read my story here), founder of the Noncustodial Project, and an Author; graciously addicted to my four handsome warrior men, the endless starry road, and a messy homeschool life.

If you’d like to talk or have any questions about photography, design or life in general, please email me at dana at vaalinstudio dot com. I look forward to our new friendship.