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You know that place – that place in which you dwell? That’s what I’m after.

It’s that place where your youth finds its individual voice for the first time, or your vulnerable thoughts become one with caught-off-guard belly laugh, or your hands savor the warm strength of a new love, or you hearts meet the connection of new life, or you meet the healing balm of a kindred spirit.

Sometimes it’s a place that has taken years to find but all the time, and every time, it’s a place that God has circled on the map just for you, for us – a place where our lives, and our stories intersect.

Vaalin Studio emerged from a metamorphosis of every painful sort, a suffocating process that started 26 years after my first breath of life. Tragedy happened: I didn’t ask for it; it just happened, and it happened ugly and it happened long. Twelve years after I first entered my wilderness, I surfaced as a chaser of souls – a chaser of your soul.

And that’s what I aim to find. You. There are times when I find it in the serious and there are times when I find it in the giggle but, without a doubt, I always find it.

As a fair warning, however, you should know that since 2007, I’ve been making mama’s cry, daddy’s shake their head in silent disbelief and teens beg for more. It’s never been my purposeful goal to do so, it’s simply a byproduct of like-minded souls connecting through tangible levels of trust, respect and openness – the foundation and heart of every Vaalin Studio portrait session.

Dana is not a miracle worker because I know how beautiful my daughter is, but she is extraordinary at accentuating the beauty that is already there. Highly recommend!

Parent, A

My sweet boys, Dana! I cannot thank you enough for capturing the precious moments like you did and thank you for such a great time! Love, love, LOVE them!! Blessed is all I can say!

Parent, J

Omgosh!!!! Now that I have quit crying, I can tell you how much I love them! I LOOOOOOVE THEM and they’re the best pictures I ever did see!

Parent, D

Dana, thank you! Her pictures are beyond anything I could have ever imagine! They. Are. Beautiful. You are so stupidly, insanely, crazy talented.

Parent, J

OMG! Not just beautiful, she is absolutely “ethereally magical” in these pictures! It makes me want to look behind the picture to see if there’s a unicorn lurking nearby. I love them! Thank you so much Dana, you are spectacular!

Parent, J

Dana, you have such a special gift – so much so that you could capture the beauty of someone in an outhouse! Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. You’re far too good to quit.

Parent, T

You are such a wonderful photographer! I absolutely love my pictures, even if we did struggle a little. 🙂 I would have never continued in my modeling career if I didn’t have such an awesome start with you! You were most definitely my big starting place!

Client, K

How big can I order my picture? Ha! They make my laugh, cry and everything in between. Sheer perfection.

Parent, A

I’m freaking out about how grown up he looks in these pictures! Ahhh… he’s so handsome and Dana, you’re oh so amazing!

Parent, A

You are an angel with a camera, Dana.

Client, S

Holy crap.

Parent, T

Wow, Dana these did indeed make me smile! My girl is radiant. Her eyes – holy my moly!

Parent, C
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